Aurora stands out by the excellent quality standard of its products, this quality, that begins in the countryside, is provided through advanced technical assistance to the rural producers, orientation about planning, organization and growth, besides the programs that seek for animal handling, nutrition and genetics improvement. In the industries, there is a strict quality control in all process, in addition to a continuous improvement in the production lines, aiming to attend the most rigorous international regulations. AII of that allows Aurora to promote customer satisfaction our growth, producing and exporting quality, safe and authentic food through continuous process improvement, compliance with legislation and employee training.

The quality standards followed by Aurora conquered markets, in addition to having its growth recognized by society. The HACCP – Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points control program, implemented in all the industrial units of the company, ensures safety in food production. It is considered the most efficient in the prevention of biological, physical and chemical hazards during food production, worldwide. Among production units, it has certifications that also demonstrate the standards followed, such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) in the poultry industries of Maravilha, Quilombo and also in as Pinhalzinho our Dairy Industry, and HALAL certification in all our poultry industries (minus the Unit of Erechim). The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are monitored in full time and are part of Aurora’s quality program, which have standard procedures to ensure the quality of all its lines periodically audited.